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Ratcliff Law has the expertise and experience to help families fight for:
  • Tuition funding/reimbursement, including 12-month programs

  • Funding/reimbursement for related services and home programs 

  • Funding/reimbursement for New York State approved programs

  • Funding/reimbursement for private evaluations and assessments

  • Compensatory Education to make up for services that were wrongfully denied your child in the past

making a dream for a child a life-changing reality

Ratcliff Law's mission is made possible by helping our families obtain funding for their child's special education program. We guide special needs families through this convoluted and very personal process step-by-step:

We assist families in obtaining these services by:
  • Counseling and strategizing with clients

  • Helping  families to draft all of their communications with the District

  • Prepping families for calls and meetings with the District, including IEP meetings

  • Participating in resolution meetings

  • Negotiating settlements for our clients, which many times include legal fees

  • Zealously advocating for our clients at impartial hearings

  • Filing appeals for our clients with the State Review Officer (SRO) and in Federal Court

From the beginning, we think strategically
about how to win

We help our families obtain an expert evaluation and thoroughly review the family’s communications with the District so that we can start with the end goal in mind. At Ratcliff Law, we are also able to pivot and respond to all District communications to ensure that the family is in the best position to get what it needs for their child.

Let's Get Started...

Contact Jennifer today by phone or email to discuss your case, your goals, and to set up an initial meeting to discuss planning for your child's educational program.  Jennifer is dedicated to providing personal service to her clients, and responding to them in promptly and thoroughly. Her clients can always expect her to give the utmost attention and care to their case.

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