IEPs vs. IESPs: One letter can make a huge difference

Any special needs parent in NYC will know that acronyms run rampant in this area of the law - IEP, IDEA, CSE, CPSE, RSA, OHI, CTT, ICT, SETSS, SEIT, to name only a few. Sometimes terms can be only one letter off, and yet that difference can have a major impact. This is no more true than when discussing the difference between IESPs and IEPs - one letter off, but two completely different documents. Failing to understand the difference can have far reaching implications for your case. Most parents in NYC will be looking for the DOE to develop an IEP, and most CSE teams will assume as much and do just that. An IEP, or Individualized Education Program, lays out a student's entire program mandat

The Truth About Resolution Meetings

For New York City families, resolution meetings often conjure feelings of confusion, and it's no wonder why. Attorneys often characterize them as "procedural" and only "a formality." This is because though the NYC DOE is required by law to a hold resolution meeting within 15 days of a case being filed, most parents' claims cannot be resolved through resolution. While parents who do not believe their claims can be resoled in resolution can opt to "waive" their resolution meeting, the DOE must agree to waive the meeting as well, and they do not always do so. If the district wants to hold a meeting, the parent must participate. To that end, the following are six tips to keep in mind when part

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