What to Say (and Not to Say) at Your IEP Meeting

Do you want to be able to walk into your IEP meeting composed, confident, and feeling assured by the knowledge that you know what you what to say under any circumstance? It is possible to do this, as well as to strike the right tone, and end the meeting on your terms. You don't need to feel at a loss for words or afraid to say the wrong thing There is no reason to feel like you are walking on eggshells at your own IEP meeting. Often it is not what you say, it is how you say it - in terms of both phrasing and tone - that makes the difference. Below is a guide to help you tweak your message, so you get your point across strongly and accurately, yet tactfully and cooperatively. Say this, no

Who's Who at the IEP Meeting?

Here at Ratcliff Law, it is Week 2 of our blog series on helping to make your IEP meeting as painless as possible. Part of reaching that goal is making sure that you understand the roles of each person who will be representing your child at the meeting and how they can help to support you in your efforts to get an appropriate education for your child. Go to the Meeting with your Team in Place You never have to feel that you are going to the CSE alone. You (and your partner) should have at least one supportive person at the meeting who shares your goals and outlook for your child, as well as your understanding of his or her progress and current functioning level. You do not have to go into

IEP Meeting Season is Here

Perhaps one of the most nerve wrecking experiences for a special needs parent is receiving an envelope in the mail from their school district. Yet, it is that time of year again when families can expect to start hearing from the district regarding IEP meetings. To that end, Ratcliff Law is here to provide support and guidance. Over the next several weeks we will be publishing a series of blogs to help parents before, during, and after their IEP meetings. The Key is Preparation This process does not have to be overwhelming or scary, and the first steps to take come before the meeting itself. Once you receive your meeting notice, take a breath and take a look at the steps below... Three Eas

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