Is the District Responsible for the Cost of Your Child's Private Evaluation?

Here at Ratcliff Law, we get it: the costs of caring for and educating a special needs child are adding up, and even if you don't think the evaluations conducted by your school district are any good, you simply can't afford to put down any more money to get your own done. Luckily, the law is on your side. Keep reading to find out how you can get the district to pay for an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE). Ways the District Will Pay for an IEE: Agree to Fund the Evaluation Upon Request: Parents who disagree with the evaluations conducted by their school district can request that the district fund an IEE at their own expense. The District can either: (1) agree to fund the IEE, or (2

Tips For Selecting a Private Evaluator

Are you worried you will spend thousands of dollars on a private evaluation and it will all be for naught? Do you feel lost in terms of what to look for in an evaluator? We are here to help you be sure you are maximizing your investment when it comes to paying for a private evaluation. The Evaluation Serves As the Cornerstone of Any Tuition Reimbursement Case A high-quality evaluation will give us a road map of what your child needs. Moreover, your evaluator is the case's expert, and will help to negate any argument that you (the parent) are only asking for services and supports based on what is best for your child. Instead, the the evaluator will give us data in black and white to enforce

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